Raw Life

It has been a process of learning and inner work, I’ve studied many gurus and teachers in the raw living lifestyle and tried their programs. I also have been mentored by some of them personally.

I started learning about the subject around 2009. Then I had a transition face until 2013 when i started the complete raw living food medicinal lifestyle.

I practiced all the living food lifestyles, and i found a flow that is balanced, cleansing and building for myself, which i teach and practice myself.

I explored fruit diets, low glycemic diets, low fat diets, medicinal diets, superfood diets, fasting, liquiditarian diets, and i do not like the word diet because it is limited, so I surf with the flow and what i need at every given moment. I never restrict, but i stick to the living foods 99.9 % of the time.

Every body needs a specific and appropiate modality at a time and I will try to help you find yours and teach you how to navigate.

Now I trully embody the lifestyle and navigate through life with a refreshed mind, body, soul and spirit everyday.

The journey starts today!